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There are many things happening actually, taken of consciousness, ideas and new habits, and a cut.

Working finally on these 8 tracks with a final step including a midi keyboard, the modular tracks are recorded, it meant months of work and to find the right combinations. The title is here, the name of the tracks and the concept of lyrics, that means a lot of work on the equalize, the mix, because the thickness of the synths are really strong, i think this album will be rough and radical, with more disorder with strong walls of bass.

the voice will be different, and some spoken words surely born from writing moments in front of the parisian sky.

i'm not in a rush but the final step will take i think the same time that the first one around two months, maybe ready for the end of spring time. i had an activity in parallel that took a lot of my energy and actually i don't want this to block my creative process. that's the kind of thing i don't like at all, but i was obliged to be part of this thing. it gave me the will to take time and at three time re-begin all the things, it passed by deleting maybe a dozen of great ideas i've spent a lot of time on, but finally with a feeling of despair, erase it from my head and the computer etc...

my process was really precise and was born from the pandemic period, and so i was struggling between the will to continue this process or going back to the original one. still today, it's not clear, and so it's a really important step. A change and a little death like always.


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