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In order to vary the sensations, I undertook new life exercises.

Yesterday I walked through the 11th arrondissement of Paris, traveled for miles with very specific objectives, the first was to drink a beer worthy of the name, and the bar Fauve rue de charonne was the best option, I discovered a beer with oregano and tomato, it was super good, then I continued my marathon via oberkampf and rue folimericourt, I said hello to several people along the way. When you pass by people and places you always hear slices of life, I find it fascinating, swords gleaned here and there, a very good exercise in inspiration and which also allows you to take your mind off things. Because I still sometimes have this bad reflex of thinking too much, my brain overheating, and in these cases going out is essential. I remain a very solitary person, it's in my nature. In fact I became a spectator of life by an actor.

I continue to read and train myself in Zen, I managed to buy books that are no longer published or simply not found. This is part of my spiritual path which started during confinement.

Yesterday again, I plugged in and set up my modular without a computer, but just with the Roland box to be able to record the sessions, and this box also allows me to record on my iPhone with software. The rendering is even better than on computer. this arrangement is more practical and more obvious. I sit down and play, and I have room to pre-plug the guitar and the dig pedal, which has become the only pedal I optimize to the max.

I have about twenty texts that I work on a little each day and I leave the modular plugged in with a patch that works so that I can improve it as I go along. I take care to note all the arrangements, and the connections. In general, the texts are written in Cbd, the tropical dream is an indoor plant that works really well on my brain sensors.

Recording without a computer allows you to tweak things differently, what bothered me a little just before was doing things with abletone without any real new creative perception. There it is possible for me to remember the melody and the lyrics and the guitars. These guitar parts have a homogeneity with precise textures. For each instrument now, I have favorite settings, or else for the modular effects I mainly use the ursa reverb, and the tap tempo delay, these effects meet what I'm looking for. And for the guitar I use the Adm mod of the strymon dig guitar, it allows you to create scalable and thick delay structures, this function of the pedal goes very well with the modular and the frequencies.

So I work one piece after another to remember it, and I don't force things. for the theme I stay on zen and ideas that I capture day after day on sensations and feelings. This goes through many encounters in real life and an awareness of being happy no matter what. The theme of double vision is also very preponderant.

This post will be updated on February 15, 2023

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