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It's the end of the year as we know it

The new album "Blue Zaxon" is released today november 12, 2021. I really thought to finish it at the end of December but since last week i started producing the album on my second mixing Daw and so, felt that there was maybe too much elements for each song, and that spending time on the final mix allowed to highlight certain musical parts that did not seem essential to me at the very start.

I think that this comes from the modular instruments that I have been working on since the beginning of September.

I've realized that all the reflexes I had during these long hours of recording had to turn into something more binary.

The guitar took a more important space finally and so the necessity that it remains musical...

It is a rather difficult exercise given that i did not want the modular instruments to disappear in the appendix, and on the other hand they are the ones who created the harmonic richness of the 'together.

I was astonished to see that the ghostly atmosphere reigns throughout the 10 songs and at the same time my voice was much clearer.

Regarding the recording process, I spent countless hours day and night arranging things, even get up in the middle of the night and rebuild my modular rock in order to have visual pleasure and thus be able to use the different modules in the best conditions

Finally, it's very strange this feeling of unease and happiness when I finished this album, i know that for some people this album is really schocking, heard that, and more than myserious...disturbing, i'm really sorry for that, maybe i should have kept it for personal use, but i 've decided not to keep it in shadows.

This is not a "pain" album, it's a concept album, the original idea is following his path all along.

So it's something that can be listened for precise purpose, not entire, like you we're reading a kind of philosophy book; not possible to read it once.

I will present certain tracks in Vienna, and for the moment working on something new, maybe with the Minilogue and some plug-ins and two pedals for the guitar ( NightWire and SpaceSpiral from Erathquaker devices, and maybe the Dig from Strymon), maybe a good opportunity to let the modular rack breath, and i've to say that i've seen the difference concerning my electricity bill + 100 kw...schocked once again and i surely deserve it.


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