Updated: Feb 20

We are now entering the month of February in this year 2021.

I'm going to record two live streams on Twitch with the titles of the new album.

Currently, I'm making some researches on everything that is linked with the structure of Haiku poems (for the lyrics) , as well as the ancestral traditions of the tribes of northern of Canada, the #CREE tribes (for the titles themselves).

The theme of the album called "Kigo" deals with the six seasons as considered in the calendar of the Cree Indians.

Since the last three songs on the album correspond to the Summer, fall and the pre-winter frost seasons, these tracks will only be released during the corresponding seasons.

First extract is called "Pipon" (Winter).

*As a second track it's "Sikwan" is the Spring season for the Cree Indians, a tribe that lives partly in northern Canada.

*The album "Kigo" consists of six songs, which correspond to the six seasons for this tribe.

*In order to design this album, the harmonics were written from Japanese scales such as "Sen, Yo or even Iwato".

*These scales are used for instruments like the Shamisen or the Taishôgoto.

--Three parts, keeping in mind the traditional Gagaku structure :

Introduction - Jo

Dispersions - Ha

Precipitations - kyū

*The texts are of an original creation even if it is true that the writings from the Gospel of Miriam of Magdala had a convincing influence.

**I"m using a Minilogue analog keyboard, and a guitar coupled with a digital delay pedal offering analog sound and 30 to 600 ms repeats, the LFO allowed me to modulate the repetitions.

*The text is divided into three parts: Three "Haïkus", and they respect the 17 syllables of the master "Basho".

*Important fact:

*All the songs of the album are written and composed with Folk Guitar, Analog Synth and Devices, only. No softwares except Ableton to “push” the record button. No effects added, no virtual instruments.

I also often rely on the movement of the moon and the sun.

Every song, of any musician or band depends on one or the other ... let it be known.