The first single from the new album "Summoned Summoners" comes out this week, and on all platforms it exactly matches the new era of my musical path. The next album will have 19 new songs, attention to detail like never before, and lots of fun using analog instruments, hence the more glitchy style.

The context of the album in detail will be described in this blog during November, mainly it happens in Vietnam, i would say that three books have inspired me all this.

In the meantime, I'll do a concert on November 14th on Instagram, given the situation here in France and in Europe it was the best thing to consider. The concert will be broadcast in Dolby Sound, live from the studio. For more technical details I currently use eight effects pedals, and three synthesizers, and finally two drum machines, I do not exclude to acquire a new pedal and a synth by December, the priorities on this album are the lyrics that are much more worked out, the structures and the highlighting of some effect pedals that allow me to simplify the structures, and the main chords are highlighted. We're also going to release a new song with Kjell Braaten. Stay Safe.

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Here is the set list for the next gig in Vienna (Austria) on 18 of June:: 1-Senmurw 2-Manahya 3-Ghosts Of Babylon 4-Onil 5-Atvodew 6- 1 2 3 Lune 7-Le Roi Des Siècles 8-Then I Woke Up In Prague 9-Je Su