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Loop Looping Boucles Two Notes?

I've been wondering about the process of creating a song for a few months now. For a little less than 2 years, loops, as well as devices that allow you to make repetitive loops, have been all the rage; so effectively it allows you to experiment on a few bars with a pattern, a melody, and perhaps afterwards split it into several parts and make a song out of it. I'm not against it but it was never my thing.

At the same time there are devices on the market that are envious, with magnificent videos that allow you to understand how to achieve multiple variations with four notes.

Loop = 3 notes = 20 000 views

But again, I can't seem to compose with a loop, or at least I tried, but I find it extremely boring; a loop is too small, minimalist in the process, there is a second option where we produce a song with a chorus, a verse, an intro and probably transitions and a final. And finally, there is the process that I personally love which is to record countless ideas for 10 minutes and only keep those that can shine in your mind.

And then to structure the whole, is to make a song, a real story. I really find that the loop systems are too small or so it's the ideal format for people who make music today and who will make videos that will get the maximim of views but what is the end goal? ?

For my part, I think I will continue to sell some of the devices I used to keep only the bare minimum I have 9 effect pedals I think I will keep 4, I will keep two synthesizers (Bybye Volca, Moog Werkstaat...), and resell or give away all the pocket operators I have, apart from probably the sampler. The goal is to continue to enjoy producing things and go play a hello when concerts are possible again and at full speed. Digging even more into detail and mastering your favorite instruments bring freshness and perpetual novelty.

Personally, I will cite the Korg Minilogue, the Behringer Neutron with the sq1 sequencer in support, and pedals like the eqd transmisser, and the Alexander pedals f13 flanger.

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Neutron Behringer, Korg Minilogue and Transmisser from Earthquaker devices...


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