I have always considered music as a way to be centered in your life, sometimes it's more a way of life than a passion, that's what you have to understand, it's a path initiatory that's why I never really stuck to a particular style, on the other hand the progression in my discography is logical and matematical.

I'm still working on the 8 tracks, and I'm in the second cycle, where I'm going to use the Korg minilogue for other sequences, what is good is that I record all in one take, I redo the number as long as it takes but nothing is cut as is customary. Even the discreet little breath of the semi modular will be preserved. The texts will be very theological, I spend a lot of time listening to traditional music in order to understand the arrangements, then the scales played on the guitars will be oriented towards the Spanish scales, there is a community of hermits in Cordoba in Spain, and I 've even lived in Salamanca, it turns out that the music ranges from southern spain this time fit very well as well as the traditional Ethiopian range (A Raray). (First Video Extract here).

At the same time, I work as a naturalist / taxonomist on the analysis of samples and life forms in urban areas, still in Paris. Plants, insects, and animals. I will post an extract from my analysis notebook soon.