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The actual period reminds me of the 14th century just before the "renaissance", with the "Ars Nova" that was a new way of conceiving folk songs, in France mainly from Avignon, then in Italy. There were epidemics and some skepticism at the time. There is a lot of analogies.... i'm fosucing on the Codex Faenza at this moment, we can find tones that recall many things.

So the life cycle is not totally detached, far from it, from an era already lived by our ancestors. It's a new era anyway.

Regarding "Summoned Summoners" the physical disc will be available in January, although I already have a few copies in my possession. In the meantime, I'm preparing live streams on Twitch, my Patreon page is under construction but it is certain that it will allow you to read, listen to exclusive content that I will not broadcast otherwise.

I made up 9 ideas for the next recordings, always in this new musical era like and following "Summoned Summoners", it's called "Cyber ​​Hermit 2021" and it will be available in early February, I'm working on nine rondeau forms, it's a musical form, vocal at first, alternating a chorus and several verses. The spelling "Rondo" refers to its instrumental form only, as it appears in the seventeenth century.

From lyrico-choreographic origin and turned into poetic-musical form, the "rondeau" was treated polyphonically from the thirteenth century by Adam de la Halle and Jehan de Lescurel.

I will adapt the Forms of medieval monodic songs, and those of Gregorian chants with my analog instruments, for example, to integrate cantors, A-B-A structure, antiphons, take up the logic of Primus, tertius ... the pentatonic system and keep the sequences diatonic and chromatic with the Sq1. and so, for the #Wavetable with the #Waldorf Nw1, it will be possible to use one note for a proper texture, but i will not hide that i will use the #Transmisser pedal from #EarthQuakerDevices too to put some mellow feeling.

In the meantime, I will play Sumoned Summoners on Twitch and I will see for singles, but for that the theme and the musical idea must be new, so it takes , time, research, and proper ideas. It remains that, since the writings of the fathers of the desert, I remain very attached to this conception, this modality of the will. Adapted to this period again, and i must receive other writings with Eckart in particular.

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