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I tried to finish several things, but without success, I got to a point where even the things that stimulated me fail to inspire me with pleasure to express something convincing.

In general I know where to go, but for a month I feel that it has not come the moment to concretize a new form of expression, a recording. I kept 10 songs that correspond to what I wanted to do, with sounds and technicalities at the frequencies that I was looking for, but impossible to finish them.

There is an inner requirement that prevents me from finishing all this. I even wondered if using the modular didn't stop all that, I don't know. It must be said that I had to take an activity on the side and that does not make things easier, what is certain is that I have to leave Paris to go to a place far from civilization. I have to overcome a lot of things that block my vision, and there is this phenomenon of a changing world, it's very disturbing.

I have these songs, but they're more than songs, when I record them I find them distorted, they no longer convey the strength I feel when I play them...probably things to play only live, I don't know it's something I've never felt before.

why arrive at this level of disgust, just after having designed something that's a fact that I can't explain...or else I have various theses on it, but they are too many . I have not yet found the place where I have to spend this end of the year, staying here will not be good, like a wheel that continues to roll without the ground supporting it. to have its own nature which has been modified by time, so special at the moment and for two years.

I've always been motivated by change but at the moment I find that the phase of the earth cradles in a universe that is not human and naturally chaotic. The digital created by humans has supplanted many things and inspiration has become less natural. The only possible survival is to get closer to nature with as few connected devices as possible.

I tried to read new things that stimulate but without success, I said to myself that new writings were necessary, many books no longer correspond to reality, which is both...interesting.

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