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*Continuing to build the modular rack that allows to have a different feeling, and a less strict upstream vision in the flattening of written scores and texts (Lyrics remaining in Italian).

I've changed the choice of modules a little bit that I am going to use ... for financial reasons, and because of my favorites. There is in particular the WASP filter... will receive a pressure sensitive pad module to generate manual Cv and Gate signals. (#Intellijel Designs Fsr 1u). #Doepfer and #IntelligelDesigns are really the two brands that stick to the thing at first for me.

**I'm using a spectrum generator too, the Zeroscope 1U , having since a magnificent representation of the resonance cases on the Lfo and to see which brightness to apply and which spectral transposition i can adopt on the envelopes for the wave tables. (Vocal wavetable using the synthesizer with the title itself: "SaaepenepeaaS").

-> A Focus therefore, on a single song while uninstalling the computer so as not to have the temptation to record everything that comes to my mind. Playing the same song every day, knowing that there are a lot of options and maybe too many, that's the problem, but a good problem.

***I remain on the system of traditional orthodox chants, in particular those sung in Russian; the electric guitar will be able to integrate some tracks but in a very discreet way. The principle being to keep a freedom in the interpretation, and especially to feel love from the beginning to the end, because without love there is nothing...

****There is always a book beside me which allows to have inspiration, and to nourish oneself spiritually; I am totally fascinated by Emmanuel Swedenborg's book "The celestial Arcana" this book in several volumes, deals in particular with Genesis and describes all the symbols.

->I remain convinced that there is a code that must be adopted so that fate does things well, if we scramble the signal nothing can be achieved in a concrete and coherent way.

*****Concerning the podcast, i am far from having finished it, the editorial line, really don't know how to finalize it ... maybe a cup of "Centella Asiatica" might help...*;*



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