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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

I've deleted everything i've done during the last two months, i had this topic in mind but something inside me said that it was better to not continue, so at this point i begin a new process or maybe more a rather better vision of what i want to share. At this point i don't know exactly what i can formalize. This period is quiet positive for me, maybe the best and it will continue. I will continue to publish work sessions on youtube and tik tok with my modular synth, the small one with the module "Ornaments and crimes" that is a really good source of inspiration.

In fact, i've the impression that instruments are not enough for me to express the beauty and brightness of something i cannot describe's perturbating and fascinating at the same it means a certian form of frustration and a deep search.

The tibetan mystic learnt me a lot of things, and concerning the musical tradition of this mystic, but definitely that's not something i can be inspired of. It brought me more, a certain sense of simplicity in life, but not made to use it for music. So i think it's better to forget this story of trilogy, the two previous albums are a pure delight, but making a third is not sexy from my point of view.

Actually i'm deeply immerged into Papus books, the occultist, it's a great continuity in my spiritual path, and when i read it i can feel that the links are there, something that is part of my evolution. So it was the good choice to make.

Susumu Yokota is for me with Hirohi Yoshimura the most important composer of this century...i'm listening to the albums i had put appart and really it's resonating here all day. That's what i call real art, and word.

I was supposed to move in Danemark and other destinations for various stuff, but in fact i can feel that it's better to stay in Paris to go deeply in introspective, and i'm quiet happy with this. Going else where will not bring something prominent for me. One other thing is that i was hesitating to buy a field recorder, but in fact no, the iphone 12 pro that i have since two years will be enough. In fact, i'm not interesting in collecting gear anymore, it's just not my thing anymore. I prefer to work deeper with my actual things.

If you want to get in touch i'm active on Tik Tok and Youtube only, you can tag me with @kentinjivek if you publish something or even to say hello :) (Links on the home page of this website)

There are many things inside me, shinny ones, and i can feel that it's a pure joy to feel that, and i do think that it's the reason why i want to publish a new album with this side of me, the real one in fact, that has always be present.


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