Noces Spirituelles

For Cyber ​​hermit, the next album, the idea arose after reading Henry Durville's book which describes the state of the human being when he is centered and in full serenity.

This eight song album is worked according to the "rondo" structure in the 13th century; in this, I studied Gregorian chants and the place of cantors and choirs according to different abbeys. The pentataonic is quite present with or without third.

As a result, I've shift the material I use on the album somewhat; I kept the modular synthesizers, the Neutron and the Waldorf Nw1 module, and i've added the Korg Minilogue, first version that i had not use so much in the past and so for the overdubs. For a song like "Hesychia" it was a decisive decision;

Plus, I use the Earthquaker Transmisser Fx for the Waldorf signal output. The source, i use for the wavetable is produced by a double note played on the guitar with the best possible frame of mind, for example an F and a C played alternatively especially for the last song of the "Ubis Caritas... " sung in Latin this time.

Regarding the guitar, I use various scales, but everything didn't work, Hungarian minor scales, Ethiopian major aray ... the important thing was to place the right note at the right time and that each instrument had its place;

it remains that each song does not exceed 5 tracks played throughout.

For the Cyber ​​Hermit album, we can see that the numbers always have a meaning and there is a rhythm, a tone in everything that surrounds us; Pythagore have already said it, and the golden ratio in other conceptions, but especially the harmony of the spheres of M VON Hornbostel and the Egyptian system, each day corresponding to a note, for example the C corresponds to Thursday governs by Jupiter.

For this album, the Dorian mode, the solar mode is primordial; the heliocentric form as for a harp for example in order to project a melody which can speak to the person who listens.

For some titles, I was able to work on the heliocentric Lydian and the wind lunar mode. I avoid chromatic and light harmonics as much as possible. I use four guitar pedals, the Space spiral, the NightWire Tremolo, the Transmisser reverbator and the Time Shadows which were only produced in limited numbers, everything is played with this one on the filter. I really try to avaid to pair each modulation wih a spring reverb or other tanks but more focusing on the intensity and the presets within the space of the song.

Concerning sound vibrations and universal harmonies, each number designates a precise state, for example the Six which is the seal of Solomon and which describes the circle. Likewise, each note has a color: Mi turquoise blue, or G which is purple (the authentic ground of Gregorian chants in dominant of C designates the sun and the light). The cover of the album is ready now, and i will make 10 CDs and subsequently according to demand others will be produced. and so I continue to work on the voice until 10 of January which will be ... all in deity.