Updated: Feb 3

During the recording of the next songs, I was able to develop a kind of "Home Made" synthesizer with a base of wavetables, and coupled with effects pedals, it is economical and it allows to dive into the settings.

At first, i'm using the Waldorf Nw1, in which i record a sample of notes from the acoustic guitar, in the scale corresponding to the dominant note of the song/musical piece.

Then, i adjust the brightness and the spectrum, i'm visualizing everything with a spectrum editor in order to clearly identify the variances. Then, i add the "Time Shadows" pedal as a filter; i was able to develop a mode in negative polarity and a mode for positive polarity, then I use the Lfo of the Night Wire of Eqd, then the modulation of the neo flanger in the Dyna mode, keeping each time and for each pedal a mode that is variable according to the sensitivity of the input signal (Attack Mode with the night wire, and Dyna with the flanger, and so the signal will be modulated or attenuated within the chain of effects), and at the end the shimmer mode of the blue sky pedal in order to obtain an enrichment of the harmonics.

In the other hand, the Moog synth is coupled with the Strymon Dig Dual delay, with a great focus on the secondary functions. The guitar with the Wombtone Mkii phaser pedal at first and followed by the Space Spiral delay from Earthquaker Devices.

The Nw1 Eurorack corresponds to the Sun and its waves, the Guitar to the Moon. Then, i'm using the movement of the wind at the time to record the Moog with its pulse function and the square in order to establish a slight percussive effect, always.

More precisely, i'm developing a Decoding Techniques, a table of correspondences, between the notes, the instruments and the influences of the three natural phenomenas on these last ones.

There is also another process for calculating the steps and for building the structures themselves depending of the pythagorean reduction inheritance figure, that i use quiet often.

The title of the next record is "Senmurw" - Trailer With the song "Soyez Passant".