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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Recently, the Cnrs has noticed a sound phenomenon on planet Mars, basically the sound will be different for the human ear if they are grave or more acute, i've made a sort of file with the various details on it.

These last weeks have been productive even if i've worked only on few things, seven tracks have been kept. The thing is that: recording modular synths is something particular...i've realized how much it's important to work with an intern module equalizer.

Just because if you record something really dope, it doesn't appear to be as cool as when you were doing it at the precise moment.

For the guitar thing, i was not sure if i would play again with the instrument, but the Time Shadows pedal from Eartquaker devices, with the filter almost closed, is really good to play with. If you just want to put small notes into a pattern with an eurorack system it works well...

At this moment, concerning the eurorack system, the manufacturers such as Noise engineering and Zlob modular has allowed me to really touch something special with the textures and composing wich is really good.

If i had an advice to give about this fact, it's to get a module with a really powerful function and not getting something cheap because the essence of your own modular synth has to be of good quality, and off coure a really good Vco.

Personally, and that's something i'm attached to, is to get module that are discontinued, exemple the Sinc iter of Noise Eng. I was working on noise sources yesterday, because i don't really like to work and compose with samples of drums, it always make me confuse when you got a beat, and so a loop, it puts away the charm of a celestial percussions coming from your system with random variations due to various sample and hold things for instance...

Personnaly, i'm missing the fact not to be in Germany, Berlin or whole Japan, for all these various modular synths festivals. But Superbooth, i will be there for sure; Japan, it will be good to stay there for two months this year and i know already where i will be staying.

About the next releases, i think i will work only on instrumentals, and no lyrics, the new album called Part.4 is a great example of the exercise. The Goal is to deliver something with spontaneous play, and a great ambiance, without a voice that can interact too much with the whole piece.

Now, i wanted to give certain names of artists and records i've grabbed in vinyl or cassettes : Midori Takada, Oksana Linde // both have a record that are released now and it's really sublime.

Finally i was supposed to continue the podcast, and live sessions on Twitch, but i have to change the pitch and to be more efficient in the manner to do it.

I'm not satisfied with the previous message i was projecting, so i've to work on it again and again...all for good.




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