I've finished the list of the final songs for the next album, before merging the lyrics with the music, I was really inspired by the Hindu #bhagavadgita, and then by the book "The apoetics of space 'by #GastonBachelard, it is certain that with this 18-tracks album, I'm going to come back to something very complete.

Inspired by Vietnam, the context of living in this wonderful country and with the two books mentioned just above. I'm using the same instruments on each song, the same configuration which is great, since it allows you to really be imaginative without remaining in minimalistic, but it will be the most structured album there is. And of course, inspired by readings and the vibration of a band like #PopolVuh, or in the extreme the singing of #Lanadelrey ; there is a studio work by this artist that I like very much, and in the morning at dusk I listen to it. I also use eight different effects pedals, I alternate them according to the theme and the various parts, it is settled on the second loan. Final mix will therefore require more work even if I was already quite a perfectionist at this level.