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I've recorded 6 episodes of the podcast #EveryOneIsEveryone and it's getting more precise about the nomencalture of the topics i'm talking of. Let's see where it leads, and i've to admit that i will continue to do it like i'm doing albums...i didn't want to make it perfect since the beginning because the evolution of something is better that trying to obtain something too square. It has to live.

These last weeks, i'm writing a lot making a lot of poems and lyrics that i sort afterwards, in fact there is 4 phases, and an excel sheet on wich i'm writing down structures, the fact is that i wanted to have structured words and ideas to fight self sabotage. This phenomenon i've tasted it recently, and so this exercise to write and keep the whole thing was really important. So there is four phases, the third contain 35 ideas, very short poems and the fourth is more consentual with a logical continuity from "Hierarchy..." Ep, the last release. Musically, i didn't touched the modular since too weeks, it was essential in order to re-feel the reflex of composing without a sequencer and textures. To come back to a normal process is difficult, but at the same time the fact to compose with subtle ideas, minimal numbers of tracks and being creative with maybe three patchs is helping to compose somethign pure and real.

I'vs sold my flanger pedal, and so i only have now the time shadows and transmieer from earthwuaker devices and the two strymon blue sky and's cool, again to focus on instruments and going deeper into them, with guitar scales, fusion of modular and voice with certain prested...wonderful.

i've toomany ideas, and it's good because i will need certain sons for the next gig in Geneva swiss, i've a new identity to put in light during live acts. And it 's working with a certain poetry, trips, break down...

I've caught two modules i didn' played yet, the Hiraki instrument ping filter and 1U module from ritual electronics called diviser, a clock divider. I still don't want to play on the synths for the moment but more focus on lyrics.

Then the seonc step will be to re work on guitar and sclaes, withou any pedal effects. In fact, allt his because i felt three week ago that something has changed inside good. Maybe my hard work on buddism and median voice is creating effects on my and my psychic.


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