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Reflections on Modern Life and Personal Growth

Over the past few weeks, I have spent considerable time reflecting on various aspects of life, both past and present. One realization that struck me is how easily we avoid self-reflection nowadays, choosing instead to blame external factors for our struggles. Yet, amidst these moments of introspection, there are often beautiful memories and present-day joys that we overlook. Sometimes, we can even find small openings for a brighter future.

Currently, I am still in Paris, where the situation is increasingly chaotic. What we are witnessing here is not just surreal but has descended into profound disarray. This is particularly evident as we prepare for the upcoming Olympics while our government faces dissolution. Many people I know can't even afford a vacation despite having jobs that should allow for it. It’s essential to be resourceful and not get distracted by social media. In fact, I strongly believe that social media is no longer beneficial; YouTube can be interesting, but it’s crucial to keep only the essentials on your phone and store everything else on a PC.

I embarked on a digital detox and almost relapsed, realizing that using my iPhone caused me significant distress. Thus, I decided to find a balance and avoid extreme measures. I’ve also changed my travel plans from Finland to Ibiza because I desperately need some sunshine due to the constant rain here.

This morning, like every dismal Sunday (as I detest Sundays), I recorded six acoustic songs I had written. My goal was to capture them using my electric guitar, a Paul Reed Smith, connected to my Strymon reverb pedal, with the vocals on the left channel and the guitar on the right. Both vocals and guitar were directly fed into the mixer, producing a stereo output into Ableton. This setup effectively used the mixer as a kind of mixing console and preamp, yielding excellent results.

However, I soon realized that recording these songs was boring. Not that the songs are bad, but it felt redundant, especially with my album "Ontologia" already out. I set aside 5 or 6 texts to be recorded with modular patches, adjusting settings in real-time based on the lyrics and imagery. This inspiration partly comes from my current readings on Sufism.

In Ibiza, I plan to utilize my pre-existing samples, work on them intensively, and incorporate these texts. This approach will form an album distinct from anything I’ve done before. Repeating what has already been recorded doesn't interest me; it’s all about constant evolution, much like the spiritual journey. Even with my Sufi readings, I struggle but persist, knowing that regular practice, despite its challenges, is essential.

This trip to Ibiza is different from my previous travels. I intend to stay for an entire week, despite my typical anxiety after four days. The goal is to overcome this discomfort and find peace in an environment known for its festivity but also its serene, hippie-influenced corners. I’ll rely on public transport and avoid partying alone.

I'll bring my trusty Nokia 3210 and perhaps my iPhone if absolutely necessary. Ideally, I'd eliminate the iPhone completely, finding joy in using my PC for normal tasks and my phone for the rest. Although my iPhone is in 4G, various interviews suggest that after a month of digital detox, people panic without all the functions.

My goal is to manage without relying on it. Interestingly, after not checking my iPhone for a week, I found out that I missed some fantastic events because friends contacted me via WhatsApp. Hence, I’ll inform them to reach me via SMS for a saner approach.

Maintaining sanity is challenging when trying to stay aligned with personal evolution while not missing out on important aspects of life. This balancing act is crucial, especially in the creative process. Yesterday, I observed various music groups and noticed amazing trios and duos with instrumental expertise, often from the United States. Unfortunately, French music culture can be lackluster, forcing us to immerse in other cultures for a broader perspective.

Ultimately, no one can dictate how another person should live; everyone has their unique path. While some experiences may be universal, it’s vital to trust one’s instincts and spirit, aligning with one’s life journey. The most important thing is to always return to simplicity and essence.

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