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Samhain is coming

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

October is an important month, when living human being are crossing the dead ones, not just ecause of halloween, but because it's something that is printed in many cultures.

Actually, i'm working on the third part of the trilogy, and the topic is more clear.

Following the previous concert dates, the live config has changed and the set list has two songs from the last album.

Modular synths are part of my life everyday...and sometime i don't socialize so much but the thing is that if i was living else where things would be slightly different. Time is long to really make a move but i promise i will do it.

In parallel, i'm in contact with two persons i've already workd with in the past about two projects and a third one from Cologne with whom i will work again too but next year for this last one. Following a long period of modular learning, it's good to propose something different while working with someone out of a certaiin play with the guitar and folk work.

At this time, i'm listening to old lp's, like Ashra temple, this period of 1971 1972 is really inspiring for me, and by listening to the track with headphones, the result is that i'm making less and less tracks for song while recording, just because the production takes more time and patience, taking in account that the result expected is different from i would say 5 years ago. And just because i want each instrument to sound good, like in a fusion.

Certain guitar pedals are not my thing anymore but other stick to this evolution. Still Strymon, i regret a bit the Darkworld from Chase Bliss audio by the way. But i needed monay at his time.

I was frustrated at a moment, with all the stuff about my set up, and then i realized that making generative music without a proposer sequencer with patterns was the thing. Then, the fact to clock the system, or certain modules with linear or exponentail vco's for instance is really sexy, it puts out the basic tempo thing. Then i don't use a sequencer for new recordings, but rather for the abletone parts.

Next inspiration is Tilopa books, and the tibetan mystic.

He was an Indian Buddhist monk in the tantricKagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism .

It's great to have in mind a path to follow, things are clearer, and fear has disappeared. I think that every moment bad or good, small details or big events are not here by coincidence, each time it's important to see the sign of something.

Acts that belong to the path of life, the light through the darkness and accept even the person that you are in general even if you feel you are bad or monster in a sense.Always a deal with comparaison and past memories.

Then things are coming, and doors are open to beneficial things, that's to say: the truth.

That's the most important in life, the truth. Because it's the link between every little pieces.

When i read a book from orthodox archimendrite for instance or then passing to the zen and then Sufi, every time i can feel that the various passages are fluent. There is a logical in that, and so, going forward with the basis of the spirituality.

When you come up again in life, again the truth and the result of acts can lead to the right step, if you struggle and fight inside again a certain truth, then it's a disaster because you are against the logical of your life. And so the main thing in life is to be happy. It's then a fight of every day, but if you let things go, everything is easier.

That's something i didn't understand during 25 years.

There is a certain constance, capacity needed in pain; pain is a large word to describe the multiplicity of forms, the various shapes of the demon as they call him. The truth is that this demon doesn't exist, it's the human psychic.


A place i feel the need to visit next ( something tells me i have to go there )
Faroe Islands


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