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After many weeks of working on various formulas, I managed to get the feeling that I finally got to grips with what I was looking for.

About twenty titles, but the ideas were intertwined and in the end, I erased everything I had done for three months, just to purify myself. I started from the principle that all this was a training and that we should not get stuck with the idea that an album was going to be made. Just keep what matches how I felt. So two titles, and it's true that the exercise of making an album was not the right idea. Publishing one, two or an Ep is enough, it allows you to remember the song itself, and to be able to reproduce it.

That's the whole problem with modulars, in the moment it's fabulous, but when it's recording it loses its charm. So with the notes that I had taken I followed the major ideas, and subsequently for the theme I focused on what came back to my memory regularly, this means that such a theme was going to remain in my memory, this which means being able to reproduce it and keep all the energy for one or two titles. The exercise of stretching out for 14 songs is dangerous because you tend to lose intensity after a certain number of songs, the first is always punchy, catchy and the last sounds like the gal at the end of the day. effort, but in the end it results in something flat. Especially today, where our brain is very solicited, to follow the classic diagram of a twelve titles is very complicated. I will only release single, ep or maximum an Ep format, no more albums.

Regarding the genesis of these two titles, I realized that using effects like a chorus, a baberpole flanger, or even a Vcf without delay or reverb could lead to very interesting and more stimulating results than using long trails of echoes...

In this I have a module called "Cuir" from Instruo which allows to reduce the frequencies of the modular and get a decent output. No equalizer necessary, or at least the equalizer is a detail if really the style requires it, but you have to make a choice. I think that Instruo chose this because they are purists. A mixer with equalizer contains too many functions as it is, each module must have its own function. I'm not giving up on the idea of not playing with ornaments at some point, but for the moment it allows me to educate myself on the functions necessary to make variations and understand the progression of a pattern. The Fm synthesis is a point that I do not yet master properly, I will tackle it.

I use the Strymon dig pedal on these songs, and I could see that it was more fun to use it while experimenting with rather nonconsensual tones, because playing guitar on modulars, you can't play typical agreements without having the feeling that the fusion between the two universes is not possible.

These two titles as well as the last album will also appear on Spotify, I needed to promote this new era on a higher scale and develop some kind of marketing strategy. Playlist, and also the way to better share the songs on any media.

Finally, I will end by talking about the text, because it represents a bit of what we have experienced since the beginning of this year 2022, what have we done, we often wonder about the right choice of actions and indirectly what will happen . These are themes that often come back to this period.

Wish you the best for this end of year



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