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I am currently working on the next album, there will be 8 tracks; i was interested in the Templars and the Vatican archives in order to better understand certain facts ... in parallel, improving my knowledge in Latin and writing all this in "Neumes" for this recording.

What I can say is that, there is a spiritual (and not esoteric, nor occult) mathematical link in all things, without necessarily going through Alchemy. (Which does not always give convincing results ...).

I've a new process of composing and writing now; it's getting deeper following the release of "Summoned Summoners". This morning, there were these seagulls singing (or talking), and so, i've recorded their lyrics, and converted to sheet music, with the bpm and a root note that happens to be one of the songs from the album. I was missing these informations to compose the Verse.

For this "birds help", i let you see the video at the end of this post.

Recently, i've made a deep focus over the Gregorian chants on the "Octo echos" structures. This will be the basis for each songs. Then, the Bizantines scales will be used for the Guitar. This is a new scheme to compose, and it's not only: Bpm, Root note and structures...but more symbolisms, facts and consequences...and mathematics.

For the SetUp (of instruments), i'm using the Moog Werkstatt01 , going deeper amongst the patches and no effect at all because this synth is perfect "pure"...The Sq1 sequencer with the Waldorf Nw1 paired with the Cba Wombone mkii Phaser pedal and Strymon Dig Dual Delay.

The Transmisser Reverbator Eqd pedal from Eqd will be the main Fx for the Guitar.

All the music is written, and the the "Double harmonic" Byzantine scales only in major.


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