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Last weeks have been quiet interesting as i had to focus on my parallel activity and see close friends in order to maintain a certain equilibrium in my mind and life. Putting apart the release of folk and field recordings, and coming back to it this end of week.

The process is really cool, using ableton more than before to record and work on the main sounds, at the final i've kept six tracks, and maybe taking in account the work done on it, i will continue to record other things with the same overview. It was important to obtain certain reflexes.

I've maybe 60 sounds and field recordingd that i can use in different way, and so i presume that it will have an impact on all the things i can do, like with the modular synths at its time.

All this allow to be somewhat more precise, and listening to some vibes i didn't take care of in the past.

In parallel, i've began to work again on my main guitar, an art et lutherie, the one i've used during the last 15 years to write, sing and perform. The essential was to really do the things, and not so much taking care of a precise release to finish, or even a certain topic and then composing a dozen songs around it.

Just coming back to the original feeling, playing, playing, practice and taking care of small things around, 'cause again the learning of the Canon Pali is something that is part of my life now and for the next 50 years.

I mainly work with midi, and symptohm synth from Ohm Force and a midi keyboard, and besides again my two strymon pedals, dig and blue sky. I continue to optimize these instruments, even if i still publish in the flipboard archive some articles over music production i really focus more on what i can do and feel rather than spending too much time on a screen. I'v in mind some places and a tour for the next months, will see for the right moment.

What is nice with the dig strymon pedal for instance, is that you can plug an instrument in bypass mode and then making it in stereo in the soundcard and then in abletone. Working in stereo allows to add a certain relief.

I work with one speaker now, it allows me to hear and listen some details i can't with headphones.

Having a not pad with quick ideas, and states of mind i feel the need to write down, and a bigger one with various presets with the symptohm synth and structures. The objective is to fusion everything and keep what's important, that's to say the feeling, sticking to the path i continue to follow.

Concerning "Ontologia", i do think that i will have the opportunity to present certain songs in places, like Hamburg or andalousia soon; following this last release, all the new accoustic songs will be in certain way, part of this one, and so for the next songs, it will be written in french only.


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