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Summer Time in the trees

I've spent a while since the last post actually working on a new sound, with the tools I already have. There were a lot of things that came out but in my opinion, it does not correspond to what I am looking for to make things evolve, move forward and innovate.

What remains, and the obvious is to dig a little more but without necessarily acquiring new things. I've opted for a drone system with three effects pedals, and at the same time I want to overcome the throbbing side with a single chord, but I will find a compromise. Basically, my fav fx effect is the flanger, the Alexander Pedals one, the F13 is perfect with the SoundRetainer from EHX, then a delay to enlarge the final output (Space Spiral). By tweaking this guitar pads, it's possible to play with harmonics and lead the melody with i'd say three chords, and several arrangments. If you want to check one of the test, there are some on my Instagram account (Link in the menu).

The problem remains the rythmic, yes or not, or simply a small decay on the synth that allow a kind of slapback, the Moog Werkstaat01 is a great jewel for that, but in real time, it has to be well programmed before the performance. At the same time, i'm reallt impressed by the potential of the arp odyssey from Korg...

Patreon seems to be a great platform for musicians today to get money, and great content, i've personally an ccount but i really don't know what to promote...same for Twitch for live stream, it's great, but has to publish a performance really often. Post pandemic thing, or i'd say something that came fatser than it was expected.

A podcast...yes Podcast are really useful too, and the content can bring something really interested, but a community is an evidence, and when you have something in hands that is a kind of niche, you can't bring something really big.

Yes you can follow your dreams but never forget the essential, avoiding sollitude and egocentrism, if not your are dead inside and then you disappear, i think it's important to point out this fact.

On the other hand, for new releases, i have a shortage of text in mind , the post pandemic period had a significant impact on the creation process, I spent more than a year locked up and I finally decided to move two weeks ago which makes it possible to see things more clearly. The passing of time and the questions etc ... but what matters is to keep the will intact and not to be too focused on either. I regret in this period that people do not share their states of mind in real life, but only digitally, it seems that the outside world is therefore sterile, without bad puns.

In short, Morse (Pic above) is the only idea i've in mind to produce something new, how or why i don't know yet...)

On the other hand, for the live concerts, it's going to be complicated, Japan is in a critical situation even though I had confirmation that a little trip there would be possible and Portugal the club has closed...

Take Care!



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