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Summoned Summoners - All Details

***About the new album, you will find all the details in this post.

*The main release that represents my musical path is the 5 tracks called "Summoned Summoners", but during the process of creation i have recorded songs, FaceB, unreleased, that can show the transition from the previous albums and now.

That's why you will be able to check certains tracks on Youtube (Including: "Mantr@" , "Lady White" (La Légende Du Serpent Blanc) or even "Will Vs Fear".

"Summoned Summoners" 5 tracks album will be available on Spotify this week.

Cd: the 21 of January 2021.


~Summoned Summoners~

(~triệu hồi sư triệu hồi~)

In this album, i'm using the Vietnamese Tetratonic Scales, there are no common triads (major, minor, augmented and diminished) that can be formed using notes in this scale. Depends of the Root note, but you can hear it through, wavetables with the Waldorf Nw1, The Guitar and the Bipolar harmonies of the Neutron, The Moog is leading certain parts with more oscillations including Ditonic Scales Too.

Important fact:

*All the songs of the album are written and composed with Folk Guitar, Analog Synth and Devices, only.

•No softwares except Ableton to “push” the record button.

•No effects added, no virtual instruments.

Written, produced, performed and mastered by Kentin Jivek


*Gear Used - Part1

  • Korg Volca Keys

  • Korg Nts1

  • Gecho Loop Synth

  • Po12Rythm, Po35Speak, Po33Ko

  • Guitar Taylor Gs Mini Koa

  • Mediator Dunlop grip 1mm

Fx Pedals:

-Strymon BlueSky

-Strymon Dig

-ChaseBlissAudio DarkWorld

-Eqd Transmisser

-Eqd SpaceSpiral

-Eqd NightWire

-Obne ReflectorV3

-Alexander Pedals Syntax Error

-Eqd & Dba Time Shadows

Gear Used - Part2

  • Moog Werkstatt01

  • Korg Sq1 Sequencer

  • Behringer Neutron

  • Waldorf Nw1

Fx pedals:

-Strymon BlueSky

-Strymon Dig

-Alexander Pedals Neo Flanger

-ChaseBlissAudio Wombtone Mkii


Part1 (Face B, Unreleased, all on Youtube)


2-The Thinker

3-When You Are Missing Someone But You Don't Know Her Name

4-Will Vs Fear 5-Cóc Kiện Trời

6-Lady White (La Légende Du Serpent Blanc)

7-The Temple Reunion

Part2 "Summoned Summoners" 5 Tracks Album.

1-Aurora Teutonicus

2-A Trip To Die In Vietnam (A Beatnik Song)

3-Kanda (La Chanson Gnostique)

4-Helios Is Waiting In The Dark

5-Empty Space (To Walden)


Album description and background:

Eng version:

Everything takes place in Vietnam, in reference to the scene in “Apocalypse Now” the film by Francis Ford Coppola with Marlon Brando; a hermit, isolated and in the dark, waiting for something, a renewal or death.

Scenes take place at dawn, the only time the soul is at peace during dusk. There is a need for patience, and to avoid the outside world to preserve ultra-sensitivity. There is a reference to the triangle, a symbolism in all religions, and one perceives the Kanda on the left hand which represents a mediumistic capacity to guess and develop instinct.

Mantras resonate outside, in the jungle and on the road to the temple. The main character known as "The Thinker" takes natural drugs that calm his mind, to avoid panic. He knows that things will happen on their own without the need to look for them. There is a meeting in the temple just before sunrise, without him, but you can tell he's there.

During this time, he tries to figure out that he misses someone but he can't remember their name.

It rains incessantly, a hot and heavy rain; he spends his time living the present and seeing that fear is a sign of failure and that will creates mindfulness.

Death doesn't matter anymore...

Fr Version:

Tout se passe au Vietnam, en référence à la scène dans “Apocalypse Now” le film de Francis Ford Coppola avec Marlon Brando; un ermite, isolé et plongé dans l’obscurité en attendant quelque chose, un renouveau ou la mort.

Des scènes se passent à l’Aube, le seul moment où l’âme est en paix pendant le crépuscule. Il y a une nécessité de patience, et d’éviter le monde extérieur pour préserver une ultra-sensibilité.

Il y a une référence au triangle, une symbolique dans toutes les religions, et on perçoit le Kanda sur la main gauche qui représente une capacité médiumnique à deviner et développer l’instinct.

Des mantras raisonnent dehors, dans la jungle et sur la route qui mène au temple.

Le personnage principal que l’on nomme « The Thinker » absorbe des drogues naturelles qui calment son esprit, pour éviter une certaine panique. Il sait que les choses arriveront d’elles même sans qu’il ait besoin d’aller les chercher.

Il y a, juste avant le levé du soleil, une réunion dans le temple, sans l'ermite, mais nous pouvons sentir qu’il est là.

Pendant ce temps, ce dernier tente de comprendre que quelqu’un lui manque, mais il ne se souvient pas de son nom.

Il pleut sans cesse, une pluie chaude et lourde; il passe son temps à vivre le présent et à constater que la peur est le signe de l’échec et que la volonté crée la pleine conscience.

La mort n’a plus d’importance...


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