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This crack morning

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Everytime i'm recording a new release i'm searching the detail that changes from the others, previous ones.

Here, naturally, i've saturated with modular, composing something new had to pass by a different process.

Here, i'm using a Moog werkstaat01 with a keyboard to compose the basis: notes , bass, leads, and structures, then the guitar will be by my side too, and with this outcome the lyrics will rise.

As a consequence, the basis will be easier to re-produce during new live acts or simply with guitar and another musician.

Then the second part will be the arrangments with the modular synth, i've sold several modules for money and to lighten my spirit; at a certain moment you buy things ( even if you don't have the money...) and you realize that you don't use some modules, which is truley stupid. So personnaly it concerned five eurorack, but it's already enough and too much, seeing the cost of these instruments i would say.

So this album will be the third part of a trilogy with Blue Zaxon and The Seahorse Complex. It's the tibetan mysticism that is put in light this time. This is a real source of inspiration and manner to live. I like the fact that in this vision of life, you don't believe in a god truely, but more on a certain way of life, focus on yourself and more. I will not describe it more because it's not possible if you stay humble and realistic.

Concerning the live dates, some are coming and one was cancelled because the place has closed. Complicated situation for some areas.

To finish this post with a positive point...thanks for all for the messages about the last album and support.



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