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Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Here is the set list for the next gig in Vienna (Austria) on 18 of June::



3-Ghosts Of Babylon



6- 1 2 3 Lune

7-Le Roi Des Siècles

8-Then I Woke Up In Prague

9-Je Suis Une Arme

10-Erased + Deleted

(And 12 songs that i will pick randomly,

they are new, written down, but i feel the need to test several options with them,

and record the next release afterwards)

There is two videos, rehearsals of this set list on Twitch too link here

The 10 songs are re-arranged in a certain way, and the new ones are fixed on their lenghts, in the sense that they are short at the basis, a concentration of strong words, and to make the audience understand directly the sense.

Musically, they will vary, just because of the modular, and i wonder which kind of energy i would feel...if the current song has to stop at 2.30 that's it; if it will continue, it can be during the entire set with the sames words, repeat and sung with the appropriate profundness.


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