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Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Writing lyrics is an exercise which, in my case, is an effort of patience and lasting feeling. Currently, I am focusing on a particular form of poem structure that dates to 3000 BC. This genre came to mind while reading The Celestial Hierarchy by Dionysius the Aeropagite. I continue to make tracks by optimizing ornaments and crimes and the ts-l V2 vco, the principle starts from the Vco with an effect at the end of the chain, then one or two app of ornaments, depending on the aspect of the frequency, I create a structure corresponding to the variations. Following this, I listen by putting the headphones on the table, so I only hear the sounds that stand out (without external amplification). guitar parts here and there, but mostly light. Inspired by the scales used by alexander scriabin, the prometheus one; for the lyrics it's still very vague, but inside I know what to do.

I don't want to make anything stoic yet, just let it go. Keep everything and untangle the threads, while balancing the quantities of ideas. To tell the truth, I feel that I don't want non-personal lyrics, and especially not a single word that is not placed correctly on such a note or such a frequency, to try and succeed in placing something unusual and concrete. the number of words will depend on the affection there will be in the arrangement. All this, because I've done a lot of lyrics in the past but guided by something else. Today it's quite different, and thoughtful, the patience that is so difficult to tame, and at the same time also the ability to master the modular meanders, doing unique takes but working upstream on how the melody progresses all the way. This causes an influence on the words and the feeling to be stuck on it.

It is imperative that these songs are reproduced identically for live acts, on paper, and have a light to follow, to feel a whole without emptiness.

I work a little more on the modular additive aspect, even if I really appreciate the viol ruina filter, but there again the very particular distortion it contains does not totally lead to classical modular subtractive music. With the wavefolder, Throu zero Vco, waveshaper, attenuator (the 1[F])...I manage to get motivating feelings, in which it is possible to hear multiple notes. Therefore, it is a guide to sing, playing guitar notes.


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