When I arrived in Paris 15 years ago, I didn't have the same reflexes as today.

This city is rich in its heritage for various topics ; for example yesterday, I went to visit the house of Nicolas Flamel, a very important figure in Alchimy.

This is following extensive research in relation to Carl Jung's book entitled "Psychology and Alchemy".

I do not necessarily relate to the Occult side, but more in relation to the Esoteric Symbolism.

Here are some photos:

These last days, some difficulties to know exactly what would be the installation to record the rest of the titles of "Azimut" Ep.

It happens very often that I only sleep four hours a night, and that I reposition myself in front of the studio to really feel which would be the most appropriate instruments sticking to the topic.

I mainly use and dig all the options with the Minilogue, it's a complete "Arsenal" and pretty sure you can re create many of the old synth with time and patience; i was thinking about the "Solina' String Synth last time, and so by using in plus the Electro Harmonix Small Stones Phaser pedal, it would be possible to obtain the certain original sound of this iconic instrument...who knows.

On this next Ep (First track is called "Onil" available here) , I'm using an electric guitar too that I have for years, but used very few: A Paul Reed Smith.

It's the second instrument used for this recording. The 3rd is a sequencer that I find totally brilliant: the Sq1, in the case of "Azimut" the sq1 is driving a digital synthesizer called "SymptOhm" (from Ohm Force).

Each song corresponds to a Wind, and each title is linked to a part of the body as described in Auriculotherapy.

I combined with that an anagram system to guess and deduce the spiritual name of each wind, and even go so far as to give a name to the four angels mentioned in the Apocalypse, the 4 angels who hold back the winds.

The fourth track has a particular link wih the Red Moon, given the triad of notes contained in the melody (Cf 12 of April).

Then "Azimut" will contain 4 songs and the majority is in Aeolian Scales; drone might pop up too with the Nw1 from Waldorf combined with analog filters. I put this module in the "Audio in" input of the Minilogue to include the Wavetables in the two oscillators.

Concerning the lyrics and bpm structures, i'm using the Golden Ratio, le nombre d'or...and for the titles, a kind of anagram system with the square of Solomon.