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i still keep a accurate rythm over the conception of hierarchy album, and so the number of tracks will change again, but keeping the essence of the original idea and concept.

With work over the modular synth that i succeed in controlling in a certain way, all this bring objective results. The fact to not have any new live gig allow me to work on details i didn't expect to focus on previously.

i've removed the ornaments and crimes from my rack and recplace if by the clep diaz lfo and airstreamer envelope, the ornaments is really good to learn more on the behviour of certain functions, and then it's even better to re-focus on "direct module" and tweak with a more spontaneous reflex and pleasure, all is about love for sure.

Buddhism is helping me in putting in light certain things i had in mind since a long time, but hindouism too; the thing is that i'm learning and make a work on the various form of buddism, zen, tchai and pure indian buddism. in the past upanishads were helping, and now it's yoga any way it's a work of everyday. That's why i really know what i want to target with the release i'm working on. It's an all, everyhtiing is linked and with the chance to follow the various paths with my instinct and my daimon. Keeping in mind a certain sanity of life and thoughts.

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I usually use three not pads in order to put ideas's a sum of work, a certain effort to gather all kinds of feeling. Since the trip to Malta and then Madere, i have several sounds, and fiels

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