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Vienna and +++

For this next live act, i'm currently working on adapting 8 songs from the last albums with a precise goal.

Using Melharmony and listening to couple of songs with Ostinato technics. It will include the study of old songs like Folia and Turkish Akam traditional music.

The principle is to use Raga scales for the guitar and the use of a sequencer for the modular. For the eurorack system, the sequencer will have a precise ton, and the possibility to adapt it for different pitches, and so switch from one song to another easily and without interruption.

***Main modules used: Waldorf nw1, Addac 308 Light to cv, Animal Factory amp Coma reactor, Noise engineering Sinc Iter & Viol ruina, Endorphin es Aistreamer, Instruo 1F, Befaco A*B+C...

In parallel, i'm studying the Upanishads, the 108 to be more precise: major, minor, the ones concerning Shiva, will allow me to consider the performance with a different state of mind: Playing with Brahman and Atman, and vice versa.

Here is the song list:

1 2 3 Lune (Blue Zaxon)

Atvodew (Azimuth)

Ghosts Of Babylon (Blue Zaxon)

Le Roi Des Siècles (Blue Zaxon)

Manahya (Senmurw)

Onil (Azimuth)

SaaepenepeaaS (Single unreleased)

Senmurw (Senmurw)

Piti (a new song/single based on the Theta Wave)

The concert will take place the 9 of April in Vienna in Austria @ Vekks, if the third world war is not yet here.


108 Upanishads


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