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At the final, i'd say that this previous quarantine was really productive, i've succeded in making this new ep/album "El Circo Cubierto", it was important to finish it before the end of this drama; off course, it was complicated from a psychological point of view but necesary.

I've understood that making art and being productive, while keeping in mind a truly rough personal requirement, was an evidence for my spirit balance. The artist must be an end in itself.

These six songs are the representation of what can happen when you are on your own, and so, digging deep inside in order to put in light what is the real you and what is important : life.

Your own perception, but it's in general what most are living too. I've sent a newsletter to various friends and others, and so the album is spreading now. I will continue to promote it at many levels.

For live acts, i have two ideas in mind, out of this "Live, look at me in a video".

There will be cd's too, and i will edit cd's over the four previous albums too, i prefer you to drink your beer or tea having the album in front of you rather than knowing that it's only available as digital on your iphone or computer.

So right now, i can continue to re arrange the whole set list, i will receive a new pedal, Reflector V3 a chorus, awesome one ! i needed this kind of effect to use with my sound retainer Freeze for various songs from "Cosmologie Facile" album; this one can be use with an expression pedal, which is stunning.

I use the volca keys to illustrate with slide notes some tracks, and for chords, i use the minilogue; it's time to create some new architectures of sounds with this one, the sound is great with these oscillators knobs and parameters.

While recording, i was really happy to use the blue sky reverb from Strymon with a tight spring preset,and with the space spiral and Transmisser...

I'm definitely in love with this one, and as i know, it's not available anymore, so it should be collector's item.

I will continue to work on the book i have begun one month ago too and so when i will get around one hundred pages i will send it to editors. It would be possible to use various extracts too independently, and so not only as a whole piece.

The next podcast will describe all this in more detail within two weeks.


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I'm waiting for the rest of the review over "El Circo Cubierto" in order to work properly on something new. Meanwhile, i've some tracks, long and large fields of soundscapes that i work each day as i