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I actually watch many films from the past world, "The Name OF The Rose", Lost Highway, Only lovers left alive, Eyes Wide Shut" or Apocalypse Now, with these films you understant that you can't reach something unique without horrible chaotic facts besides.

I cant read anymore because of a saturation, i do not know where to walk in fact; There was very few reviews than expected concerning the latest release...Which is dramatic in a certain way and a feeling of something different, but i don't consider myself as "finished" this way. I like to make appareances in some concerts, which happened in a club recently weeks ago, with this rock band., it was good. There are in fact several options at this time, but will see, it' s always the same thing, some signs have to be read in thelogical way.

There is one thing i do everyday, because a need is here in the skin, is to write with a pad everywhere i go, it's a kind of companion for everyday small painful passages.

This exercise to write everything without any stop lead to something.. I think the next release will be a cappella with fx pedals with all these words written, and the last book i really read as point of start of inspiration "Heaven and Hell".

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