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Too much Mercurial

These last few weeks have been marked by the viewing of films of a significantly different category than what I have seen during the last 15 years. I can say that these are the only things that give me thrills of sensations and emotions

Here is the list of these films, some of which are part of the official Cannes selection and others that I discovered on my own and which answered questions or in which I felt comforted somewhere because in no way alone in my thoughts and wanderings:


Les feuilles mortes

Perfect days

For 3 weeks I have undertaken a digital cure, that is to say no longer having a subscription and rapid access to services whether it concerns culture or communication. simply.

It may seem trivial but it changes a life given that we regain a taste for looking at, for example, the watch on our wrist, say to ourselves that we are going to rent a film and that we are going to pay for it and not the whole price. time this confines itself to free and mediocre things of low quality and which have no other purpose than to instill very worldly ideas and things which bring nothing to the soul.

A new project was released on my page called zi iacchos, it is a project in which there is no synthesizer or guitar, which was the case for the last 10 years.

This is a desire and a participatory project with the play of physical elements, without there being any intervention of virtual instruments or which is not in any case tactile point the principle being to to come back and be in reality the game the touch and the feel so that you can reproduce it all in a completely real way.

I had planned to leave Paris for 4 or 5 days in exactly one week, the desire was to go to Greece but I realized that there was no objective, now I refuse to leave if there is no objective leaving for the sake of leaving is of no use when you have the earthly food you need, that is to say books a spiritual path to follow contact with good souls and beings humans, a diet without excess with what is necessary to balance the body which in turn balances the mind which in turn balances the soul. I listen to a lot of music with audio cassettes I did that when I was younger a long time ago making these cassettes yourself and the magic of the sound that comes out of the cassette player is quite incredible considering that I realized that certain details never landed in my ear when I listened to it either on vinyl or digital.

Some music was created to work on audio cassettes and not the rest. The big problem today is that there are so many opportunities to dehumanize oneself. I have no social networks, I no longer have any reflex feelings of needing to view all kinds of things which ultimately do not correspond to what I am looking for and which people decide for me. This is the reflex that allowed me to recognize that life was worth it when we made the necessary efforts to draw from deep within ourselves the elements that allow us to follow the most ideal path. Today the world is unified by more bad reasons than good ones, when we travel we perhaps change the setting but inside the being itself is totally penniless and what can we say about the tourists who come only to aspire to life? energy and images of landscapes or famous places just to supposedly share it Ah a majority of assholes who don't give a damn since they themselves are obsessed with their ego. It is this feeling and this attitude of condescension that repels me today, but be careful I say that because on the contrary there are so many magnificent things, tiny and fine things that happen when you least expect it. and because we can't provoke them I think that's why some people have a love of life for my part I'm a happy person and at the same time I think about death every day it's not at all because I want to commit suicide but on the contrary because life yeah is living on the edge and today even when we try to hide reality or rather human beings are trying to catch up with you.

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