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It's a rather unusual period with completely unstable weather and Paris will soon be going between the Olympic Games and personally I really live in the city center so I'm really expecting to witness a quite incredible phenomenon without really meaning that It's going to be exceptional but in any case there will be a lot of people coming from all over to visit the surrounding area.

Personally, it is indeed a very particular period given that I have undertaken my vision of art and creation in a significantly different way, little by little, I abandon certain reflexes for another adoptee, but the common point between everything this is truly authenticity in relation to the touch of realities whether on the new project which focuses on the use of a ****** effect the use of a microphone and recordings which are reproducible without problem with a sense of detail given that there are not multiple effects for example used but one with a certain ease of use due to the fact of managing the settings in a pragmatic way.

And when I'm done with this one I go back to composing with the guitar and the songs with comma text there are 3 new titles which are in preparation hey in one which talks about Berlin and 2 others on 2 themes always linked to love hey to a certain reality of life hey. I really have a little difficulty describing it with new words but it's an everyday job and it's true that before I was constantly creating with suffering, that's why I allowed myself to 'indicate in the press release for the last album that I deviated a little from the Arc scene given that I conceive things in a different way. Not that I reject this scene but that it corresponds less to me after it is true that there were still certain reviews about the album and I thank all these people and there are 3 others on major French magazines but I couldn't even really look if they were published I think so since my stats have changed a lot lately.

I had planned to move but once again the thing did not come to fruition and so I remain in a kind of stability of life, on an artistic level things are in perpetual evolution I admit to being happier than in the past I see my friends much more regularly, my real friends, the people with whom I can chat and we lift each other up without any feeling that it could interfere with all of this, a real evolution of life, I start from the principle that since confinement my 2nd life has begun and that to compensate by palliating things are evolving, one of my priorities is love I think I will get there before long so it is now May and I continue to listen to my cassettes including the latest album by Brendan Perry , the one with traditional Greek songs.

I also made a compilation with Robert Johnson and albums of krautrock music. less cradled in it I read things a little more in the spirit of Emerson for example, and I will continue to read Sufi poetry and some sutras at the Buddhist level. Because truly it has been part of my current constant evolution** ****** my diet and the use of toxic natural substances allows me to regain a certain confidence and psychological strength with necessarily great resilience and less feeling this aspect of abyss and perdition.

In terms of musical equipment it is obvious that I am not going to invest in other things I have the impression that the industry repeats itself a little too much and that we see very often but I have already said new material again devices that are coming out but it is not making much progress in terms of innovation, on the other hand I see very well that the prices are more and more exorbitant and I wonder how a musician or a true artist can afford that.

The secret and admiration that I hold in relation to music is the incommensurable pleasure and that of using and optimizing a ****** of the facts for example and what can surround us is for That the new project is very close to my heart and that the album Heaven and Hell will be enriched by several titles I will probably stop at a dozen songs. Cinema plays a very important part in life and the joy that it can advance, I see quite incredible films and a very enriching simplicity in addition,

I continue to walk around too and walk with my notebook but I think little by little doing less and less I have to find a new technique to be able to reassure myself because that's the key to always reassuring yourself to survive and a goal

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