Apophase 2021

There is already two reviews on the new album, one from Spain and the other from Italy; i'm waiting for ten more. In fact, i didn't sent to many magazines juste because i couldn't. On the other hand, there is a digital pack and the physical with the cd off course. There will be even one over "Prometheus" the previous album, which is really good. At this moment, i'm spending a lot of time working on Eurorack, modular synth as it's not yet possible to play abroad because of the Covid still active in certain areas, or simply because the measures don't allow to play.

I was reading yesterday "The Secret Of The Golden Flower", with comments from Carl G.Jung, this is typically the book i needed to takes notes, composing and spend little time thinking about what is who, and when is where. Good mood, and i would add that it gives inspiration to do demos and tutorials on some devices, i've done one on a chorus pedal, the reflectorV3 from OBNE.

Spending the last two months to gather a good portion of samples, and so tweaking them into a sequencer to create patterns, it's wonderful because i have to focus on the roots notes, and the mix of traditional vocals in order to put percussions at the edge. It brings a source of inspiration really huge.

I've worked too on some sequences of 16 steps with an analog synth, and so the various notes allow to play with the guitar pedalboard with no restrictions. I'm waiting a bit before releasing something new off course, but just experiment at the time.

No new paintings for the moment, after alomost 40 formats, i've to see how i can make this segment evolve. I will record the new podcast this in two weekd, a little delayed because i was thinking about a new format too. For the tutorials, i will make a french version with explanations, and in a second time a live studio, while playing ramping with the vrious mods. Then, it can be seen properly by a larger audience.

You will be able to see the new logo of the project too, a snail at the end of this post.

Next live acts : Swiss, Portugal, Italy and Spain...swiss can happen during July at Urgence Disk Records, one of my labels...

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I'm waiting for the rest of the review over "El Circo Cubierto" in order to work properly on something new. Meanwhile, i've some tracks, long and large fields of soundscapes that i work each day as i