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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Actually, the situation is chaotic here, and at the same time things are getting normal when you see people in the streets, it's very weird, but today what is weird is not for some...and the inverse.I'm actually torned byt the envoy to re live normally, and the new rythm of life is leading me to a sort of sleepy dimension.

I will surely play again in Swiss geneva for 5 of July, and working on previous tracks.

will use something in plus for the samples.

I've a new hygiena of life drinking blue tea and eating seeds, the body is reacting in a very special way when you adapt your body to something else, there is a topic too that i'm very into now, is the fact to meet at most time the same perfil of person, in a love way or friendly. The fact to meet someone that is different makes the difference. i think i can find some answers over this with books from jung, as he was more into esoterism than Freud. I still read things about vacuity, that's definitey my path at this time and especially the Nagarjuna one. The vacuity sadly i'd say leads you to a form of hermitism, sollitude, struggling against something that finally is not a hitch but a reason to react differently. The thing is that i've so many things in my head that i don't have enough time to swallow it means maybe that i need to adopt a different life, with no parallel activity and being immerged completly into a spiritual area. It would means that i 'd be in need of being surrounded by guides or fellows, and so out of France. When i arrived here 19 years ago it was responding to my needs at every levels, and with the backlash i think i've spend much time into chaos, in a positive way and negative because i've caused certain breakdown with people, i regfret it, but i know there was reasons and the fact that i was too excessive. I'm sorry for that. Today i still pay this fact, in a good way and bad way.

this live act in Geneva and the other to be confirmed will be perfect to live again on the road and present, shring things with others.

Another thing is the podcast, i definitely will do one every week now, i've the minimalistic material for this, and i just need it and taking into account the fact to speak for a larger audience. At a certain moment music is still everything but it can drive you crazy, because the form of expression is too intense and can transparent on personal life. I've one thing that makes the difference too, it's the speak and the presence. I've thought in the past that my presence was a problem everywhere where i went, this thing was following me everywhere, and still that's because i'm hiding so it's not really a curse.

For the next release, i don't have a really precise objective for a next release but still exploring stuff with the modular since, it's an infinite manner to create. But it's true that i want to make more poetry with long lyrics and a good musical background. To perform in that case a kind of ceremony...i do think that the use of guitar will be more and more discreet...or sould i say very light. Between the objective in mind and the practical there is a large world in between.

I'm exausted true, and work on the fact to really move from France. Maybe changing the musical name and pseudonim too. It means that i'm missing something that i think i will never meet again...maybe a question of age. Maybe when you loose something at a certain age you don't have something to replace, like the universe tells you, you had the chance, one, two move on! The change of continent is needed, and like a freidn told me, if anayone would have lived what you had suffered, he would be dead or at the hospital completly destruted psychicaly. But i'm not because something has saved me each time. Aut the body is here to makes you understand that what's inside the head and what can be done, you have to make the necesary effort, and maybe make a radical choice in order to flee from the confort zone.


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