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This July month will be the best...for the first time in my life; i have to say that it's the case for various elements in my life. In one year, the progress is significant. I will spend time in Madere in Portugal next week, on this island i've in mind to focus on various things, and so it's possible to be at a certain level physicaly and in the mind then. There is various places in this island that will allow me to open new doors, new visions, out of the normal vision of life and all its perception. I will continue to record certain field recording stuff, at this moment i've lots of elements since Malta and in Paris and so next to Madere, i will use it at the basis of the futur releases. "Ontologia" is definitely a magnificien album, that some may find too easy or ridiculous, but they are wrong, because it's an album that tranfer a real positive aspect of life and imagination. The thing is that nowadays, i don't promote my album anymore, the most important is that some songs can interact with a single person, it's just what i want. I don't want to harm myself in order to make something that can speak to everyone, first because it's impossible physiologicaly, and just because i dont' thing love and affection, emotional understands is the every day spiritual breakfast of the majority.

I'm really into Pharoah Sanders these last's wonderful.

I've made a french version of the podcast, and i have in mind the next one, it's really cool to work on it. I don't have the precise organization for it still , but it will come, i try several things though.

Maybe it would be better to not saying: ok the first part is music, the second is food, etc...maybe three parts and vary the topics. In Madere, i will bring my computer to work on it, i find this new world quiet fascitaning because you have the opportunity to do strong things, and to exist, there is various tools and it makes easier the existence of what you want to explain.


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