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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Coming back from Funchal today, it was the best time ever for my whole life until now, it's the best moments i've sepent so far. Everyday was complete, in the sense of i've programmed all kind of things with the real will to live things. The air is something i'm quiet good with, i have the custom now to know where things are happening, and so during the night full of garden all around i've stumbled into various events, including the cafe museu, i've attending the summer opening festival with amazing artists.

In Madere, and so Funchal mainly i've felt a real love energy, as i have brought with me extracts of the theravada and full books, everytime i was facing a short moment of pathos, i plunged into the books and the various educations of the original buddhism precepts. I've crossed the road of different profile of people too, which was the main reason i've moved during these few days.

The objective was to be in contact of nature too, there was a day i've chosen to cross a forest in order to enter the botanical garden of the capital, i had the choice to take the telepheric, but rather took the opportunity to put myself into the heart of a quiet silent place. 2 hours, with stupid shoes and no water; i felt that the full energy that i had inside had to be used for new challenges i'd say, without thinking too much but just doing.

Concerning the inspiration, and so for today, i do think that everything has to be re-create in a certain way. Majority of feeling and love conceptions has changed, and so every artist or musician, or even creative in the wider sense has to keep this in mind, you can't only repeat the same old ideas but going larger and wider. This is something that is really exciting today. If you keep in mind the purest logic of love feeling, you can admit that since three years something has to be done from this part. Only create and compose with old reflexes is not helping, there is something special that has to be said or express even with an instrumental. Ihave in mind the song innerbloom from rufus band, an autralian trio...this song is magnificient, and the new song from jane's addiction called "True love", it 's the first time i feel something by listening to powerful and tented to cry when you listen to it which is wonderful...

I've recorded many things as what we can consider as field recording things.

Maybe for the new release, but meanwhile i will re go there at the end of August for various things.


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