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Since the last album "Ontologia" i have obtain the volition of soing things that stay in the median line of thinking, not good not bad...lots of blues man back in the 60's Lightin Hopkins and especially Mance it but i d'ont know why and how. Out of this only "Guitar and chant" there is something that speaks to my soul. The last months were quiet simple, i do my work and go back home to work on recordings, and the learning of theravada, i begin to dig into the rest of Tipitaka, it means a real hermit way of life. Keeping appropriate food and water and Cbd (sativa, indica makes me too slow). Last night was the first since time that was really short, 4 hours of sleep but i think it's better like that, it's like eating too much, it changes your soul, or even doing things that don't respond to your soul and body, a kind of ascetism. I've made a new configuration with modular, love comes back again.

There is Sandy Bull too, it's wonderful...perfect for my actual state of mind that will remain. A new podcast has been done, you can find the link in the home page of the website. I discover new things these last weeks that makes me really happy, i don't think i will perform for this rest of year, i need serenity and melancholy. Deeply immerged into the Satipatthana and Anapanasati, i have two different translation for each, it allows me to see various meanings deeply.

There is the Visuddhimagga too from Buddaghosa, 800 saying that sollitude is necesary to really been into all this. It's something i surely had to do in the past taking in account i had a problem with crowd. And needed to know me better, accepting certain things, knowing that a chaos had an origin, and some people i had to get away from.

For September, i had in mind to go to Cambodge or Vietnam, it's a budget but i don't care, there is somehting i follow and Mader was the frist trip that made me thing this way.

We are the 15 of August today and i stayed here during the last fours days to work on all this and smoking. The thing is that it's a really beneficial diet.

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