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It's been a while since i've written, the reason is that i don't have my computer so much with me these last weeks. i'm deeply immerged into the various parts of the Buddhism Canon Pali, the original ones translated by Mohan Wijayaratna, that's to say the Majjhima Nikaya, the Digha- Nikaya, and various suttas from the same translator over the others discourses. And finally the Udana translated by Jeanne Schut. These are the most identical discourses i could found in french. I have always one of the book by my side, when i go to sleep, when i travel and when i wander in Paris by night.

The rythm of my life has changed since my way back from Cadix, spain, i've decided to begin this second part of my life with a different view. Many exercises to do it well and especially keeping a sane viber in the soul.

I've been to Normandy, Trouville and Honfleur these four last weeks, alone and i meet people in the place, Honfleu was more rock i'd say...

I didn't find a new instruments that inspire me, in general a whole album is inspired by a particular sound, a shape, the touch of an instrument. Sadly, i've the impression that i've been around many thing and so today the exercise has to be different. Some lyrics are written, and the fact to wander with the idea to be alway in move helped me to find and underline things i can see, and feel...i feel a lot of love around in every places i go, people seem to be more kind with the other, and the will to make life easy. I needed to be in contact and still being in contact of the world. The introspection is really hard, and i've spet my entire previous life working on it with 25 albums, written, played, and produced, mixed....with all the work done with medias, concerts, tour, working with musicians. For the rare time now, i only can wait to touch the very special feeling of the beginning of a song. My link to creation is different, i record much field recording, and that's the thing i've been working on since my trip in Madeira, but true that i have sounds from Malta too.

Things are going fast, the climate is crazy, 27 degrees in October! i see more often my friends too, i've realized that i stucked at home and in my brain since too much time, so i've decided to live more, and not being dependent to my art too much.

Even not so much music touch me recently, and things of the past don't touch me either, it's like...all this is not speaking to me, no entertainment no real vision of a kind of big opening.

But seeing others playing,and saying poetry yes, it's more my thing now...and not being part of it for the moment but watching others to see what they mean, feel the whole audience etc...

Then, following all this i would work in a more practical way on something that is untemporal, speking to my mind and knowing it would be understood byt others too.


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