I've seen recently a really interesting article over how to compose from a...rectangle (Link to my flipboard)

throughout the pandemic I made correspondence tables between the planets, the golden ratio, and a whole bunch of things that I listed in a cardboard file at home. All this to come to the following conclusion: it is possible to create an album or a title from a logical and mathematical postulate, the only thing is to know how to stop at a moment to let your imagination do the trick. rest. But it is obvious that from a natural phenomenon, a form, or even a basic calculation one can deduce from it a whole structure, and consequently the rest of the technical tree of a composition.

Personally I am totally suffocated on the texts, it must be said that I am focused on another project and I could see that it was impossible to concentrate on two things at the same time, or else we do things halfway and the result is mediocre, even unusable. I think writing takes more energy than composing ...

Once again, at the moment, the situation is complicated for everyone, without being alarmist, I do not think at all that the maxim: follow your dreams, it will come true etc ... it's bullshit, 80% of life processes are still unstable and the part of freedom we had has disappeared.

I didn't bring with me any instruments where i am now, if i would have done that it would have been a great confusion.

This moment is crucial to organize what's next, with empty and frech brain...