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Time Shadows Time Time

The recording is really exciting, I kept the 19 songs because I have the possibility of doing something very homogeneous and fancy. I use the same setup, the rhythm with two Po's from #TeenageEngineering (my favorite is the 16 sound drum machine and sequencer, perfect for making beats, the #Po12Rythm real synthesized, drum sounds, sampled drum sounds) with the #GechoLoopSynth module, the volca key, an analog #synth that is complemented by the #Nts1 modulator by #Korg and eight analog effects pedals to create ambience But this album will be very rhythmic, set like a Swiss watch. During the next performances online on #Instagram I will use this setup for the previous tracks of the last three albums in a more ambient vein. This will be an opportunity to present each time a title from the next album too. It goes through long hours of analysis of instruments and their history, it is more mathematical than ever.

For the unreleased tracks in parallel, I will use the #Moog #Werkstatnt01 another analog #synthesiser and a Korg #sequencer the #Sq1, as well as the new #Megaman 8bits #Po128 synth; and then in 2021, I will start working on #FmSynthesis, it's fascinating and the opportunity to adapt this to a large portfolio of songs.

The lyrics will now be available on streaming platforms while playing it. And finally, i will soon publish a video with the new collaborative pedals between #EartquakeDevices and #DeathByAudio, the "#TimeShadows ... see you tomorrow for the first Live Stream at 8pm (Time of Paris, France).

Studio and Live Set Up 2020

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