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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

I'm writing down words now in the sweet ambience of Malta where i'm now since three days. Last time was in 2019, i needed to go far from the chaos of Paris and these 1 Degree in the morning.

Here it's 15 degrees everyday, and 20 in the afternoon.

Brought my modular here too, and i find new ideas and patches i would never think of if i were still in the dark in Paris. I've decided to go alone because i knew i had the necessary strenght to cover the moments of solitude that every travelers can encounter.

I was walking by night and taking photos, the richness of the capital, La Valetta is amazing by night, because you find all kind of beautiful small things hidden...there are all type of persons and from britain, india, china,'s cool, love this.

I've released the Ep Hierarchy, with 4 tracks and a bonus track called 'Birds know everything", concerning this one maybe i'll record a version with a different voice.

For the Ep Itself i've chosen to keep only four songs amongst 15...first because it's a lot of work to make the best mix possible with modular and the fusion with guitar, all this in stereo, and equalizer, limiter, variations...filling space with tracks would have been an error.

For each song i've put the lyrics and the topic, and at the end a message if a label would be okay to release it as Lp 45t, two in every face.

Actually i'm on various deals for concerts but it's a bit complicated, the genre and so on...keeping the face with what you want to do and trying to make a benefit for everyone is a challenge, normaly you have to think about evberyone when you release something; it has to speak for the majority. If not, nothing and no one would come, and you stay like a little shit in front of your screen and instruments you admire so much, but you stay like an hermit, a little shit...little shit proud of what you have done, but the only one hahahahahahhaha well.

I've put several pics of Malta on my instagram if you want to check.

Sun is everything but if darkness is still in your heart, the sky can not help you, the only remedy is speaking, touching, talking and being with humans.

If not, this is death, the silent death of the spirit and mind, and then the envelope of your body changes and you are growing old, struggling to find happiness again.

But something in your chest is causing pain and this sense of loss.

Life with the white and black, the yin and yang, and suffering.


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