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Dents du bonheur

This month, i'm working much on the neutron modular synth...this is a long path and interesting feeling. I'm using the minilogue from Korg to drive the whole thing. Chase bliss audio pedals, and Dig again from Strymon.

I do think that the next album will be composed only with keyboards and synth, pads...some lyrics are already on the run.

Three gigs until the end of the year, Poland, Japan and Estonia. Some paintings are illustrating the last album "Cosmologie Facile", i like this exercice, different from writing anf composing, i feel good after that.

Two new collaborations too at this time, linked to the various concerts, artits that take part. Ive still alittle problem of acouphens, but it's getting down, and i stil don't know why and how i've capted this little pain in the ears...

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