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2020 At All

Happy New Year 2020, surely all will be good and very different, we are in a new dimension, with robotic, and so on...The next gig will take place in New York, and i will spend two weeks out there, i will see if i move to Vancouver, because i have people to see out there too.

This year, i will get more contacts and communication with brands, gear for instruments. After having been in six different countries the past year, i've seen that it's hugely good to work on tools while moving.

I'm working on the set list, and this will contain three songs from "Prometheus" the new album; meanwhile i have four lyrics i want to use to make some kind of readings, as Bukowsky is a massive influence for that.

Anf finally, i will publish unique copies of new paintings too, and so you will be able to buy it through the website and it will be send afterwards properly by mail. Concerning the new album, i was hesitating to make release K7 or customs Cd's... will see.

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