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Windy Spring

The new main song "Ether" is going well, the instrumental is 70% okay, and words..i need to work on it this week, because even if the rythmic is really square, ihave to manage to put the right words at the right moment. I'm using the two Strymon pedals, and the pocket operators... it will be i think 5mn length and really as a single. Meanwhile, i have published three new tutorials over devices i m using at this moment, and three performances including a guitar work on a chant of Hildegar Von Bingen...i love it so much.

I will receive an expression pedal too, so it will allow me to play some variations while using the delay for instance, and so during the next live performances, Portugal normally...

I have sent several press release towards countries where i know there is an audience via the streaming platforms, so i wait for some feedbacks. I have sent three track to three freidns and collaborators, i will mention their name further but not now. With Miro Snejdr, we work on the new track too but it will be more synth pop, very new so we discuss about the amount of details! it's very new.

The next album i want to do is called "El Circo Cubierto", as it will be produced in four or five different languages but easy to understand, and songs that will not be more than 2.20mn, i will use many devices, and some plug ins i adore like the range of Ohm plug ins. It will be lyrical, and poetic, with great textures, i hope to score 25 titles. I will use tunings for the guitar i have used and created for the previous album called "Futurition", i was playing "Within The releveant time" with my acoustic guitar, and i was like...i have four tunings that helps to explore new sounds...let's try again with the small format of the new songs!

Here in France we have to continue the quarantine until 15 of April, and then i think the restrictions will be lighter, but with new arrangments. Life will never be the same, it's a kind of golden age...

I still write in a longbook and so day by day i keep all my thoughts and ideas, it's really good for the soul.

Stay Safe


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