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I've put on line the new track, after a month of pain and research and to multiply the devices on any possible form of configuration, I came to the conclusion to let myself be carried by the written base and to let the thing live, but more particularly to work a little bit each day. The perfect moment is by night with rain...and thunder.

It is expected that the dashboard that i use to write down everything will be on totally reset with a whole new structure.

The new title is : Mentem & Dictamen

In parallel, i will receive a new module for the modular rack, a pad that will allow to manage the different voltages to the touch, and a distortion module.. There is a great little company located in England that let you to build the modules yourself, a Diy thing, and therefore subsequently to personalize the rack in its entirety. Which is a very good financial solution, and the products are of rare are not into the "plug and play" but more into a productive process that get you closer to your instrument.

So here, starting to compose pieces that are more easily adaptable in concert, given that there are several opportunities that arise by the end of the year. It is very likely that i use less and less on the guitar and by putting more expression in the texts and with the ambience made with the modular rack. I work mainly on wavetables since when we use various octaves, it gives off some pretty exceptional harmonics.



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