So still in quarantine, i'm definitely disconnected from the reality here, like others in Paris...things are slowing down...complicated, and non sense. I took time to send few promo to magazines about the previous album "Prometheus", even if it's not the most easy record i have done, i was thinking it would be good to have certain points of view, the thing is that ihave finished the transcription of all the song with chords, so i will re interpret these racks with Strymon Pedals and folk guitars ( including dual dely and reverberator...so good, it will give another view of the album. For previous songs like Futurition and Obscolecence programmée from Inaturel album, i have done the same process of re creation, to be frank i have recorded these songs with a total freedom of interpretation, and so in a second time i'm just adjusting the structure to play in a more square feeling. So i will publish this new vision of the album on youtube.

Plus, concerning "Prometheus" album taking in account the fact that this album was made with a precise idea and concept, as usual it's something i can give a second life while playing, far more intense...but i don't regret to having sent it. I have few documents to update nevertheless, i just feel i'm a bit weak these last days.

I will continue to work on the next album "El Circo Cubierto", because i really want to make something new with guitars and melodies, trying to be closer to the audience, while using a bit of synth but just afterwards. For the moment, i do think the lyrics sticks to what is happening now and a real great evolution through out my discography.

Here is the announcement for "El Circo Cubierto" updated :

This album was written from December 25, 2019 until 28 of May 2020, just after the release of "Prometheus"; it started by writing titles only, with the reflex of translating them into the most suitable language, using vocal recording and writings by hand, and at the final just keep the words that fit better.

It started after the theological readings by hildegrard von bingen, first the title "ether" was released as a single, in order to finish the experimental production.

It was time to move on to a "more human dimension" and in particular to return to accoustic work, the wood, the vibration of the instrument and use approrite devices to put it in light with the voice and great rythmic.

Previously we were in the relationship with the machine, then the use of god and images to better understand where to go, then the pandemic of covid 19 caused a fall in the exercise of life.

Finaly, the circo cubierto has appeared, a closed circus where one has to live without the usual human relationships; therefore a need for nostalgia and stories suddenly came back in mind. it is an inner world, where the future, the past and the present are so different.

The recording have to be more intuitive, with a concern for details, for spontaneity in the game and with a more classical guitar base, only one technical detail counts, a tuning originally created on the album "Futurition" one of the most prolific and complete record.

we come back to an album also such as "ode to marmaele" released in 2009, but with new arrangements regarding the electronics acquired in the meantime in the studio. There will be also a video sharing stuff about the titles, and the evolution of the work;

In particular by using devices like effects pedals which are only used for stage performances normaly, All the studio effects are different. But the textures are almost identical. There is the search for practicality.

Might sound like #Synthpunk too...

Various inspirations :


The Road - Cormac Maccarthy

Paris - Huymans

Bukowski - Sur l'écriture


Big Black - I can be killed

German Sheperds

Gabor Szabo


Jonsi & alex Somers

Mil High Club



Psychedelic porn crumpets


William Burroughs & Bill Laswell


Only lovers left alive

Tv Shows


The new pope


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I'm waiting for the rest of the review over "El Circo Cubierto" in order to work properly on something new. Meanwhile, i've some tracks, long and large fields of soundscapes that i work each day as i