The situation has deteriorated here, as in many places from the feedback I have.

To put an end to the health situation, all bars are closing as of today.

For my part, I continue to get up at 5 am, listen to various artists and recently I was able to discover #ChiheiHatakeyma's work and immerse myself in #RamesesIII. I am a big fan, without being inspired by it.

It's great to work in the morning very early because the ideas are clearer. I now use a guitar that I normally only use for concerts, the Taylors Gs mini, it sounds amazing. I currently have 38 titles but 18 texts, and therefore the work goes through a structuring process of it all. The material varies only with the effects pedals for the guitar, that's why I'm experimenting early in order to expand the possibilities of these devices.

Yesterday, I almost deleted a song because the rhythms were really chaotic but by dint of concentration, I've realized that it should not necessarily be linear, and just keep what it takes to be inspired later with the synthesizers and the guitar.

Suddenly, the #SyntaxError from #AlexanderPedals will be of great use ...

I play very often on songs where there are no instruments, traditional #Vietnamese songs, baroque songs, or even only instrumental, without voice, it allows me to get back to my feet concerning the conception of harmonies.

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