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A different view (post will be updated on 14 of July)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

This is the first time i really enjoy summer in Paris, i only focusing on the new release and the day is passing very fast with another activity.

In fact these pics, in this post, resume well the main points i'm focusing on.

Something has made the general state of my mind peacefull...which is strange but i definitely think that it will not change, and so the light is here. I'm still reading the Wei Wu Wei, the negative voice, a zen book...but i pick everyday a different page with the same number of the day...then i think i will plounge into sufi poems and short stories, and an old book on islands in Paris during the middle age, thath have disappeared.

I have in mind maybe two modules in plus for a futur concert in Serbia; i really need something with the possibility to save certain presets; i've felt that even if i can work with binaries reflexes, the fact to have certain thing ready can help me to improve the performance live. I've taken the vox digitalis from Noise Engieering and a slew limiter from Befaco, there is module from Shakmat too, the quantizer but it cost much...bad Quartet that's the name...will try to find a solution.

So yes, after this concert in Vienna, i've understood that even if you work hard on the set, with the modulars, it's really complicated to do the same live than in the studio, and even if everything is written down.

I've 21 tracks without lyrics for the moment, and i think i will work in two times for the parallel i've lyrics in mind but the exercice is different because i want to song something brighter and because; so a new cycle, i can feel it.

I have a routine that makes me good, and after a certain period i've understood certain new things, the calme is installed in my mind now...forst time and it will continue.

Except this new concert in Serbia, i think i will not move so much; it makes me think that for the newt release i've made a little work on the sample i've recorded in Minorca in Spain three months ago, i thought i would modulate it with th fx aid from Happy nerding but i will rather do it with plug ins in Abletone.

They are 10 so maybe the number of songs will be ten for the release. Apart, the second session of recordings will be with more chords with the Minilogue synth, and the guitar have to ne granular, not too much notes but real textures, and for this the Dig pedal from Strymon is perfect mainly.



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