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Best wishes for this New Year. Some trips have kept me busy lately and so I'm now back on the blog.

I've kept the Ep I talked about in a previous post, and I'm more involved in adapting these tracks for future concerts finally, like other recordings that finally can be optimized in the future, a kind of back up archive.

The modular world has brought me a certain sense of contemplation, maybe too much because it takes a lot of time. After months of technical work on certain patches and combinations, I got to a point where adding more consensual instruments had become essential to being able to write again. Being satisfied with modules could lead to a certain sterility in the composition; with the modular difficult to be able to play in polyphony, but finally the modular synth is complete, here is a pic.

The only module that can vary will be the Befaco A*B+C with the Eudemonia Vca Mixer, 'cause there is a filter built-in, and so just after the waveshaper it can be a good option. But for the rest it has all i needed, and so ...portable so i can bring it with me everywhere.

The other modules are not essential but can be used in the studio to work on some variations with sequences or even interesting Cv's modulations. I've kept the Sq1 sequencer and use it as a keyboard most of time.

I'm posting some extracts of recordings with this rack on the Youtube channel.

Concerning the last album, i've sent only 4 copies with press releases to some magazines, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany. That's a personal choice and so the album "Blue Zaxon" will be presented in Austria at the end of February.

I'm still based in Paris, but the rythm of life here doesn't match with my actual life and so, a move is expected within the next two months.

After everything that happened with this pandemic, I realized that I had new requirements but above all a greater sense of priorities given that the situation is supposed to improve in the spring of this year.

I hope to finally be able to move forward towards a different living environment and to be able to find all my abilities in order to find the pleasure of doing things with, at least, a patch of sunshine and an entourage that helps to evolve in the best conditions.


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